The OB-6 polysynth collaboration with Dave Smith may be the most heavily promoted Oberheim product in recent years but Tom Oberheim has been working hard under his own company Marion Systems for many years, keeping his classic SEM-based products alive and faithful to the original designs.

The SEM (Synthesiser Expander Module) is the classic Oberheim 2-VCO monosynth design upon which …Read more



When Tom Oberheim re-entered the synth market in 2009 by reissuing his classic SEM, he adhered to the original design and sound quality as much as modern parts procurement would allow, while adding contemporary features (MIDI-to-CV converter, note-priority modes, a noise source) that expanded the module’s usefulness without jeopardizing the timbre that made it so popular.

I was able to review the new SEM against my own pair of vintage modules, and to match the sound of the originals to a very high degree (keeping in mind that any two analog synths that are … Read more