Believe it or not, Korg hasn’t released a keyboard-equipped analogue poly since 1985’s DCO-driven Poly-800 MK2. With the current resurgence of all-things-analogue, though, it was only a matter of time before the company got back into this particular game.

While Korg has been perfecting its analogue tech with the re-release of the…Read more



Korg has been pushing the envelope in the analog synth world by offering great-sounding instruments at remarkably low prices, such as the Monotron and Volca Series, as well as reissuing classic designs such as the MS-20 and ARP Odyssey (albeit in desktop sizes).

This year the company has gone a step further with the minilogue, a 4-voice keyboard polysynth that streets below $500 (see video below). But rather than rely on previous designs, Korg created much of the circuitry in the minilogue from scratch, with…Read more




Korg’s just updated minologue to v1.2. Does the polyphonic, pint-sized analogue pack a punch? Dave Gale powers one up to find out…

At the risk of stating the obvious, analogue is having something of a renaissance at the moment. If there was ever a time to get into traditional analogue subtractive synthesis, this would be it, and that’s not just down to the wealth of equipment that has recently become available, but also the price points at which these things are appearing.

The field has its big players, such as Moog and Dave Smith Instruments, who are offering beautiful premium products, but at a premium price; however, Korg surprised us all with the…Read more

CDM Review


It seems the era of the affordable analog monosynth just gave way to the affordable analog polysynth.

Leaked last week, KORG’s minilogue is a US$499.99 4-voice polysynth. Before you dive into our sprawling review, here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell. Keep in mind – we’ve had this synth since last week, so we’re not just copying specs…Read more